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About the process

Step-by-step process

The following flow chart will walk you through the steps of reserving a kitten/joining the waiting list in FIKASNOW Cattery.

We will work together to you get prepared for the kitten's arrival! 

Please read carefully and contact us.

Please note that starting from the litters in July 2021, (1) all pet kittens will typically go home after recovering from spaying/neutering surgeries, and (2) the deposit will be refundable. 

An updated flow chat of the process will be posted soon.

Stay tuned! Thanks for your trust!

Kitten Package

Kitten Package Items

Kittens will go home at around 4 months old after recovering from the spaying/neutering surgeries. 

The following are standard items in the package. 

Moreover, you are provided with add-on items to choose from based on your needs.

Standard items (included in the total fee):

  1. ​Three to four core vaccinations for the first year. four vaccinations for kittens go to the US

  2. Deworming four times (6-week, 9-week, 12-week, 14/16-week)

  3. Spaying/Neutering surgeries and recovery (conducted 2-3 weeks before going home)

  4. Health exams 3 to 4 times (6-week, 9-week, 12-week, 14/16-week)

  5. Up-to-date health exam reports issued by licensed veterinarians

  6. Health certificate issued by licensed veterinarians

  7. Microchip implanted, activated and registered with owner's information

  8. 1-month or 1.5-month long kitten insurance (four-week long kitten insurance with 80% coverage or six-wweek long with 90% coverage) commencing on the day of going home

  9. Health passport (and border documents for kittens go to the US)  

  10. Genetic test reports of kitten's biological parents  

  11. Some high quality cans, dry food, litter and nutritional support to help kittens adapt to the life at new homes  

  12. New Kitten Parent Handbook (v3.1, digital) to help you prepare for kitten's arrival and care instructions in the long run  

  13. Litter box trained, scratching post trained and nails trimmed  

  14. Long-term consultation  

  15. Cat association registration paper (TICA/WCF)  

  16. Signed contract

  17. Genetic health guarantee (details will be listed in the contract)  

  18. Customized gifts or toys

  19. Free delivery to your home if you live in the Great Vancouver Area; Flight cargo/nanny arrangement if you're outside Vancouver.

Items with extra co$t:

  1. A full set of genetic tests of the kitten (49+ testable genes) (the test will be done by labs in the US within 2 months);

  2. Cargo shipping or flight nanny across Canada and the United States (rates depend on the airline company).

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