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About us

About us


Dear future kitten parents,


Bonjour! Hope you're staying well! Welcome to FIKASNOW™ Cattery! We are a registered cattery recognized by renowned cat associations TICACFA and WCFWe are situated on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). We specialize in British Shorthair and Longhair cats, with colors of silver, golden, blue golden and lilac golden shaded.

🏆 We are delighted to share our current cats have excelled in WCF shows in 2023, receiving high recognition from judges worldwide. They have received several awards, including 1st Place in British Cats, 1st Place in the Best Opposite Sex Adult, 2nd Place in the Tabby Colors, and 6th Place in the Show Females, among many others. Additionally, one of our current cats has achieved the prestigious Champion title. These achievements are a testament to the exceptional qualities of our furry companions and we are honored to have played a part in their success and look forward to continuing to raise cats of the great health, exceeding apprerance and affectionate personality.🏆

We are proud that we follow the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct of TICA, CFA and WCF, and breed cats in an ethical and scientific way. All our breeding cats are direct descendants of Grand International champions, World Champions, Grand European Champions and International Champions! Each has gone through a full set of DNA genetic tests (40+ testable genes) and has annual health exams. We are constantly learning feline genetics, nutrition, behaviors and development because we care for the health and happiness of each kitten. All cats are cage-free. We aim to breed cats that are of a socialized personality, outstanding appearance, and above all, healthy and happy!


Our cats are part of our family and we take care of them with a lot of love and passion. We genuinely wish their future families treat them the same as well. We want the best for our kittens and want them to grow up in a loving, responsible and permanent home. In order for us to know a bit about each other and build the trust,  starting from 2023, we will schedule informal interviews (video chats or meet in person) with each of our future kitten families.


Typically, kittens go home around the age of 4-5 months old. We provide a contract and offer a comprehensive package, such as 3-4 vaccinations, 4-5 times of deworming, 3-5 health exams, 3-5 detailed health reports, Microchip registration, TICA/WCF registration, health insurance, Life-long genetic health guarantee, transiontal food, litter and customized items specially for your kittens. Apart from providing consultation in the long term, we offer each family a New Kitten Parent Handbook - we have spent a lot of hours writing our experience and knowledge in order to help new families raise healthy and happy kittens . We'll generously share everything we know about cats with each family! 

We prioritize families that are located in 🇨🇦Canada and the 🇺🇸United States; if you are locate in other places, please feel free let us know and we'll discuss a safest way to deliver the kitten,. 

Your journey of having a sweet and healthy kitten starts here! Please check available kittens and read through the process. Please feel free to contact us! Hope you all stay well and stay awesome! 







FIKASNOW Cattery is honored to register and to be recognized and regulated by the following three world-renowned cat associations:

  • The International Cat Association (TICA) (TICA recognized breeder of British shorthair and British Longhair)

  • World Cat Federation (WCF) (Search our name here.)

  • The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) (Find our name here: scroll down the page and find "Cattery Name Index" section. Click the letter "F" to navigate the list of catteries that start with "F." Keep scrolling down until you locate "Fikasnow.")

cattery registeration docs.png

DNA Test Reports (snapshots)


Each of our breeding cats has gone through a full set of DNA (49+ tests) and genetic tests (29+ tests) and has annual health exams. The reports show that none of them carry genetic problems, such as PKD and HCM. Below are some of the snapshots of DNA test reports.

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